Alya Sayne

Alya grew up in an Middle Eastern culture, her passion for dance reaches the age of 18 years.
Alya has been formed with great teachers of the Middle East,
and the largest Egyptian teachers.

Its formation and its origin Arab, give Alya his particular style, 100% Middle East, with a renewed spirit and a refined technique to teach and share with students, not only a beautiful choreography, but the culture of the Middle East and love for music and dancing.
Alya has participated in major festivals in Europe, the Middle East and America.
Such as:

FESTIVAL Hayat Al in Ukraine,
Fairytales in Serbia,
Festival of East London
Egypto en Barcelona Spain
Rakstar in Miami
Lelah Masriya Egypt
and many more…
She is also the artistique director of her Festival in LAS VEGAS (LUXOR VEGAS) in 2017