Elina Pechersky

Elina Pechersky is a dancer, choreographer, and producer of Oriental Dancing projects, dance therapist (MA- Lesley University, Cambridge) and a Professional teacher.

Elina has developed a unique holistic teaching and therapy method in which women can use oriental dancing as a bridge to their feminine awareness and existence.

She had established the Oriental dance school within the Wingate Academic institute and a special training program for belly dance instructors.

Elina is considered as the pioneer of introducing the Oriental dance to the mainstream artistic dance venues. She creates stage performances accompanied by live musicians and performs in culture events/ festivals throughout the world. Her shows and dance style are inspired by the traditional motifs along with her own Personal interpretation. Her performances gained success and recognition as well as outstanding critics both in electronic and the written media.

Elina is constantly being invited to perform, teach, lecture and create choreographies.