Welcome to Raks Tel Aviv 2017- Belly Dance in Israel

Hello dancers, my name is Iffat Pereg and I am the manager and producer of Raks Tel-Aviv. I teach and dance all over the world and my vision is that all of us dancers, beautiful women will celebrate our feminine in Raks Tel-Aviv. If you want to know more about me click here

Since July 2014, I have started to organize Raks Tel-Aviv,  an annual Belly Dance weekend of oriental dance master classes in Israel, with the participation of elite teachers from Israel and abroad. And indeed, Raks Tel-Aviv events were high level and successful with teachers from Israel, Spain, Germany, Greece and USA. All the teachers also performed in our gala shows.

To see some of the clips from the previous years, click here.

In this year Iffat Pereg will host her special guests: from Barcelona, Munique Neith, from Paris Alya Sayne and from Israel Elina Pechersky.

Raks Tel-Aviv 2017 will take place on June 2-4th (Gala Show on Sunday 4th), 2017

This year Raks Tel Aviv includes 2 workshops on Saturday, June 3rd.

For the first workshop (10-12am) you can choose one of these two:

Munique’s Sha’abi – Lightweight, technique, combinations and part of choreography. Monique will teach her creative, amazing and unique dance to a delicate, romantic song. I attended in this workshop in Barcelona, highly recommended. This workshop is Almost full!

Alya’s Classical Workshop. Alya will learn her special, round style that reminds the eighties, full of romance and sensuality. Alya is known for her Egyptian style and for those who like the Egyptian style, it will be an extraordinary experience.

In the second session (12:30- 2:30pm) you can choose one of:

Iffat’s Golden Age: The Golden Age of Eastern Dance, the 1930s and ’50s. We will learn a technique and combinations inspired by the wonderful dancers – Samia Gamal, Naima Akef and Tachiya Karika. A workshop filled with nostalgic romance. This workshop is Almost full

Baladi kisses Shabi – Elina Style: In the workshop we will learn combative and playful combinations with a wink to the Egyptian labyrinth. We will bring about the facet of sensual and sweet femininity, free and confident, that does not pretend nor compromising.

You are invited to leave your details below and we’ll get back to you as soon as the details are available.

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Workshops in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem and other places

The big Gala Show will be in Tel Aviv on Sunday, June 4th

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Munique Neith

Iffat Pereg


Alya Sayne