Iffat Pereg – Belly Dancer

Iffat is one of Israel’s leading belly dancers. With more than twenty years of learning, teaching and creation, Iffat brings to the stage and to her classes the depth of authentic dance culture with a clear link to the roots of each dance style.

Iffat learned dance with the world’s greatest artists, such as, Tito, Khaled Mahmud, Mahmud Reda, Randa Kamel and many more.

Iffat specializes in Egyptian and Lebanese folklore, and she creates choreographies that bring to the stage the feel and the emotions of the original Baladi village dance. She teaches in classes regularly and performs in shows and events.

Iffat also uses her dancing background and MA degree in Movement Therapy to work with women to strengthen the connection between the women and theur bodies.

Raks Tel-Aviv – Excellent Belly Dance Event

Starting at July 2014, Iffat produces and manages Raks Tel-Aviv – an annual Belly Dance weekend of oriental dance master classes in Israel, with the participation of elite teachers from Israel and abroad

Raks Tel-Aviv is a high level and successful event with the participation of well known teachers from Israel, Spain, USA, Germany, France, Greece and other. Our guest teachers take part in the world’s biggest festivals and events and also perform here in the gala shows.

Iffat participated as a teacher and dancer in many events in Israel and abroad. She performed as a special guest dancer in several events in Manhattan, NY and festivals like Egipto Barcelona, Cairo Festival Budapest, Muzalat Festival in Madrid and Germany.

In Israel Iffat is also teaching in a special program of training and qualifying oriental dance teachers. She teaches techniques, folklore and the 40’s-50’s stile of the grate dancers such as Naima Akef, Samia Gamal and others. She is the only Israeli dancer who specializes in Mahmud Reda’s style, and she teaches this unique style all over Israel.

On her Facebook page of Raks Tel-Aviv,  Iffat writes on dance, its roots, the different styles, the old dancers and more.

Ifat Pereg Dressed in Red Outfit